This is everything I've released in one place, click the artwork to download.

Last update: 16-Dec-2015: added an amen

EP Releases

Songs I Made In A Hurry (2013)

1. Vroom Vroom
2. Wearing A Shirt That Says 'Microphyst'
4. Unfinished Catastrophe
5. Little Batty Foo Foo (ft. TechDiff's Modest Loft Conversion remix)
6. I'm Your Daddy (Extended Edition Bluray Box Set mix)

Hastily conceived cover photo by me featuring Huxley, a cat

Helical Scan (2012)

1. Dom Hates This Track
2. Cainin' Ableton
3. I'm Your Daddy
4. Eraserhead - Music (weyheyhey !! remix)

Artwork by James Eraserhead

Harlott (2008)

1. You're So Cool
2. I Do All The Nasty Things You Love
3. Go Fuck Yourself
4. Loving The Girl Who Hates Me

Originally released in 2008 on Love Love Records. Remastered in 2012.

Compilation/Remix appearances

Bad Sekta - BADvinyl001

Track "That's Breakcore!" (2013)

Bad Sekta - Cavity Church

Track "Little Batty Foo Foo" (2013)
(Die Antwoord remix)

DieTRAX vs FFF - Hiroshima Deathmatch

Track "Get Hyper (Remix)" (2013)

Endor Recordings - Vol. 7

Track "Candy Cutz - Feeling Yeah Remix" (2012)

Bad Sekta - Against All Odd

Track "Dom Hates This Track"

Love Love - Presents

Track "Loving The Girl (VIP)"

Bad Sekta - 5 Years

Track "E1"

Bad Sekta - Community

Track "Effection"
Probably my personal favourite track

Bitcrusher - Pixelation

Track -
"When I think about you I cut myself"
(2009) - Themeless

Track "Allow"

Other downloads

Sample Pack #1 - Contains kick drums, breaks, glitches and an unfinished/unreleased track for Renoise 2.8

Sample Pack #2 - Not really a sample pack, but contains the original Renoise files (xrns) for most of Helical Scan EP (except 'Music' remix) and an xrns for an unreleased James Bond remix made especially for Bangface.

Sample Pack #3 - Some nice processed breakbeats

Renoise Projects - NEW More Renoise .XRNS files for a few of my released tracks.

Amen break - NEW I sampled this myself from my own copy of 'The Winstons' - 'Amen Brother' 7" viny. Sounds good.